Detonation and Post-detonation Flow in Multi-phase Mixtures

Multi-phase detonations play a key role in several scenarios such as design of novel propulsion devices, enhancing safety in mining and development of advanced weapon systems. The complex interaction between the material in different phases and the ensuing flow dynamics are challenging to model. Accurate prediction of the particle dispersal, mixing and combustion are vital for reliable estimation and control of detonations and post-detonation flows. The present research is aimed to provide computational capabilities to handle large scale simulations which can handle both dense and dilute multi-phase flows. Reliable verification, validation and uncertainty quantification is also performed. The numerical strategy developed is employed to quantify neutralization of bio-agents in post-detonation flow. Effectiveness of different explosives, both homogeneous and heterogeneous, in bio-agent defeat is analyzed. Further, detonation formation and interaction of detonations with particle clouds is studied with focus on possible design and control techniques.

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Personnel Involved:Achyut Panchal, Sangyup Lee

Sponsor: DTRA, AFRL (Eglin AFB)