Reduced-Order and Reduced Basis Modeling of High Pressure Liquid Rocket Engine Combustors

Reduced-order model (ROM) and Reduced basis model (RBM) are surrogate models to represent dynamics of a complex system. Such a reduction can provide a computationally efficient method to capture physics for design studies. We focus on such models to investigate experimentally studied gaseous and liquid fueled high pressure combustion systems where the coupling between pressure oscillations and unsteady heat release leads to a combustion instability. We use LES to simulate these combustors and then employ the LES database to develop ROM and RBM. The eventual goal is to couple ROM/RBM with a LES approach to create a hybrid approach to simulate such problems in complex combustors such as multi-injector LDI combustor or multi-injector rocket engine combustor.

This project is currently suspended or under revision.

Personnel Involved: A. Panchal