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Please note - These papers are sorted to the best of our ability. If there is no link to view or download the paper and you would like to inquire about it's availability, please contact Dr. Suresh Menon (suresh.menon@ae.gatech.edu).

Conference Without Proceedings

  1. Karpe, S. and Menon, S., "Model Simulations of Soot Formation from Kinetics in Mixing Layers of Jet-A Fuel," AIAA-2023-2690, AIAA Sci Tech Meeting January 2023.


Conference With Proceedings (Reviewed)



  1. Tudisco, P. and Menon, S., ``Numerical Investigations of Thermodynamic States Formed Near a Reacting, Supercritical CH4/O2 Flame,'' Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, pp. 2725-2736.Vol. 39, 2023.
  2. Salvadori, M., Panchal, A., and Menon, S., ``Simulations of Liquid Droplet Combustion in a Rotating Detonation Engine,'' Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, pp. 3063-3072, Vol. 39, 2023.
  3. Fries, D, Ranjan, D, and Menon, S., ``Laser Spark Evolution in an Ethylene Jet in Supersonic Crossflow Configuration,'' Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, Vol. 110, 417–440 2023.
  4. Panchal, A. Bryngelson, S., and Menon, S. ``A Seven-Equation Diffused interface method for resolved Multiphase Flows," Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 475, pp. 111870, 2023.