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Please note - These papers are sorted to the best of our ability. If there is no link to view or download the paper and you would like to inquire about it's availability, please contact Dr. Suresh Menon (suresh.menon@ae.gatech.edu).


Conference Without Proceedings:

  1. Menon, S., and Yang, V., "Some Issues Concerning Active Control of
    Combustion Instability in a Ramjet," AIAA Paper No. 93-0116, AIAA 31st
    Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV, January 1993.
  2. Menon, S., McMurtry, P. A., and Kerstein, A. R., "A Linear-Eddy Subgrid
    Model for Turbulent Combustion: Application to Premixed Combustion,"
    AIAA Paper No. 93-0107, AIAA 31st Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno,
    NV, January 1993.
  3. Cremer, M., McMurtry, P. and Menon, S., "Linear-Eddy Modeling in Plug
    Flow Reactors," Paper No. 93-040, Spring Meeting, Western States Section of
    the Combustion Institute, March 1993.
  4. Weeratunga, S. and Menon, S., "Parallel Computations of Unsteady
    Combustion in a Ramjet Engine," AIAA Paper No. 93-1914, 29th
    AIAA/SAE/ASME/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conf., Monterey, CA, June 1993.


  1. Fernando, E., and Menon, S., “Mixing Enhancement in Compressible Mixing Layers:
    An Experimental Study,” AIAA Journal, Vol. 31, pp. 278-285, 1993.
  2. McMurtry, P. A., Menon, S. and Kerstein, A.R., “Linear-Eddy Modeling of Turbulent
    Combustion,” Energy and Fuel, Vol. 7, pp. 817-826, 1993.